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Chinese Children Adoption International

Children’s House International Adoptions

Wide Horizons for Children

Rainbow Kids
Everything you need to know about adopting… especially waiting children and special needs children.

Adoption Books

The New Crunch-Time Guide to Parenting Language for Chinese Adoption
English-to-Chinese words and phrases adopting parents need to communicate effectively with your newly adopted child while in China and after you get home! (Plus, there’s access to free audio downloads.) Amazon

Geezer Dad: How I Survived Infertility Clinics, Fatherhood Jitters, Adoption Wait Limbo, and Things That Go “Waaa” in the Night
From fooling around to hormone shots to adoption – it’s a funny read that will make even the most stoic wanna-be-dad (or mom) laugh with recognition.  Amazon

Little Branch Gets Adopted
For young adoptees – the character of Little Branch helps lead you and your child through the complexities of adoption through his own story. As he shares his grief, loss, and joy, your child will identify and find new freedom to do the same when talking adoption with you.  Amazon

Wisdom from Adoptive Families: Joys and Challenges in Older Child Adoption
Find real-world help and advice from those who’ve lived it – this book has the practical wisdom of been-there adoptive parents and can bring help and hope to anyone looking for answers in managing older child adoption. Amazon

Are You Ready to Adopt?: An Adoption Insider’s Look from the Other Side of the Desk
Just beginning your journey to creating a family through adoption? Learn about today’s adoption choices with the help of an industry insider.  Amazon

Ladybug Love: 100 Chinese Adoption Match Day Stories
Live vicariously through the personal stories of 100 individual families at the exact moment they “met” the newest addition to their family – the magical moment when a face in a picture becomes part of a family. Amazon

The New Crunch-Time Guide to Parenting Language for Haitian Adoption
English-to-Haitian Creole words and phrases help you communicate with your newly adopted child while in Haiti and after you get home. Access to free audio downloads. Amazon

Adoption Support Groups

First Coast Families with Children From China
A network of support for families from NE Florida/SE Georgia who’ve adopted in China, plus information and support to prospective parents considering adopting from China.

Families with Children from China
FCC provides a national network of support for families who’ve adopted in China and provides information to prospective parents. The site consolidates information put together by the families of FCC to make it easier for future parents to consider adopting from China. Provides pointers to other adoption and China related resources available on the Web.

Post-Adoption Services

Paul Consbruck, Esq.
Florida Re-Adoption & Recognition of Foreign Adoption

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