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Thank you for making the process for us so easy. I don’t see how we could have accomplished this without you. You were there from day one and were always just an email or phone call away. Words cannot express our appreciation for all you have done for our family, you are blessed with a talent and love for what you do, and families that have an opportunity to work with you will feel the same as we do.

Butch Devlin, Florida

Pam is uniquely able to be consummately professional with the networking and document processing required and yet not lose sight of the human element of the adoption process. More than once, she calmly assured me that the reason I was so stressed was that I was a mother trying to get to my child, and that someday, there would be life on the other side, with my daughter asleep in her bed and the paperwork part of adoption a distant memory. I’m honestly a very ‘type A’ person, and never have really enjoyed letting other people ‘handle’ things for me – so being willing to put my life in an envelope and hand it to someone else was a major leap of faith. It was also one of the best decisions I made. Pam exceeded every expectation – and became a trusted friend in the process. I will always believe that she is a huge part of why my daughter is home now, and I will be forever grateful.

Laurie McDonald, Florida

We couldn’t have had a more complicated process. One of us is American, one is British, and we live in Norway. We were married on Tobago, and have worked in Bangladesh and Venezuela in the last 5 years, neither of which can provide a police report. Every time we fly to the U.S. Embassy in Oslo, it costs $600. One overnighted document from Norway to our agency can cost $100. Just how much more complex could adoption be?

For us, the best decision we made was to contact Pam. I emailed a number of people for help with our dossier and Pam got back to me first. I was impressed by the speed and confidence of her response and she maintained this inspiring level of proficiency throughout the process of compiling our dossier. Frankly, I suspect we’d have taken months and months more time had we not had Pam on our side.

I’m not given to gushing compliments but I can wholeheartedly recommend Pam. I’m extremely relieved I decided to engage her services and, without reservation, suggest you do the same!

Rebecca Hennard, Norway

A very special thank you to a truly remarkable woman, Pam Eidson. In a world full of mediocrity she is truly a shining star. One of the first times I spoke to her I made the mistake of prefacing my question with ‘I know that this is a stupid question…’ Let me tell you, Pam made it very clear to me that no question was stupid as far as she was concerned. I knew right then and there that this woman I had hired for this very important service would become a treasured friend through the process. I was right! She is the total professional. She updated me constantly and has been my biggest cheerleader. Even though I’m very organized, I felt it would be smarter to leave this work to a professional. I was correct. If you want the best to assist you with your dossier, then contact Pam Eidson.

Lori Weinstock, Florida

Using Pam as my dossier consultant was the best! She made the entire paperchase a breeze for me, she took care of everything! Although we live in Illinois, she was able to complete our dossier and she did so with extreme care, excellent communication and in a very timely manner. Honestly, she was SO worth her fee, it was the best money I’ve spent in a long time!

Stefanie Leist, Illinois

The process of adopting a child can be overwhelming. Besides how emotional the process is, the dossier can be a bit scary to conquer. I found ABC Dossiers online and at first was a bit hesitant because she was located in Florida and I in California. I spoke with my agency and asked about Pam and her services, and I was told she had a wonderful reputation.

After speaking to Pam, the decision to hire her was easy. She’s extremely knowledgeable about the adoption process, experienced with all four states we had to deal with, and she had connections with couriers here so I didn’t have to worry about a thing!

She made the dossier process very easy and smooth. She’s also an adoptive parent, so she understands the emotions we’re experiencing, and she always took a moment to lend an ear and calm me down when I needed it. She’s amazing, and I would not have wanted to do our dossier without her.

Camille Land, California